How SLISS promotes Sustainable Improvements to Medical Care Abroad

You’ve seen those pictures of precious children in need of medical care, living in areas you know little to nothing about. Your heart breaks for those parents losing children, and children becoming orphans due to illnesses and injuries that are easily and promptly treated here in the U.S.

You’re not alone. It’s been a huge concern of many doctors on the board of ACAIM, including Dr. Sharpe and leading to the founding of SLISS.

How can we make a SUSTAINABLE improvement in the healthcare in low- and middle-income countries?

“Many short-term, nonsustainable medical missions exist, but their impact in the recipient countries often fades following the departure of visiting healthcare providers. Such missions, although frequently beneficial to the local population, inadequately address the root of the problem – the lack of supplies, equipment, local expertise, and/or specialty training … ”

To read more from this article by ACAIM:

St. Lukes International Surgical Studies (SLISS) is one of the few organizations seeking to improve healthcare globally for the long-term. The vision of SLISS is to partner with hospitals in host nations to provide medical supplies, equipment, training, and visiting medical professionals that will lead to sustainable improvements in healthcare. In addition, SLISS is training US medical professionals to be able to provide care in other countries so they may ultimately continue the ACAIM efforts.

Academic Day with members of the Mbingo Baptist Hospital team and visitors

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