Why some medical “help” really doesn’t help abroad

Did you know…

Many pieces of medical equipment donated by the U.S. to low- and middle-income countries end up as junk in the recipient hospital’s storage room!!!


In order for a hospital to benefit from donated medical equipment, THREE major requirements must be fulfilled:

1. The recipient hospital must actually NEED the equipment.

This may seem a no-brainer, but often a useful item here in the States is not most helpful to a hospital in another country. Also, a hospital may have access to plenty of one item, but lack something essential that no one here in the States thinks to send!

2. The recipient hospital must have people in their area able to FIX those specific machines when they break/malfunction.

Often times, good equipment ends up as trash simply because no one is able to service the brand of equipment provided.

3. The recipient hospital must be TRAINED to use and troubleshoot the specific equipment.

For example, some portable ventilators donated to Mbingo Baptist Hospital were left unused until Cory Bond, a respiratory therapist who traveled with SLISS in April 2017, could set up the machines and train the nurses to use and troubleshoot the equipment.

In order for these three requirements to be met, the recipient hospital needs to be VISITED, and the medical professionals must be HEARD and understood. The donating organizations need to experience the culture of the nation and see the NEEDS and capabilities of the hospital. The organization needs to provide TRAINING for any equipment donated that is wanted but unfamiliar to the recipients.

This is exactly why SLISS does what it does! We’re one of the few organizations that visits partner hospitals; learns their culture, capabilities, and needs; and provides training for donated equipment. SLISS is contributing LASTING improvements to healthcare in Cameroon, Gambia, and Guatemala.

YOU can choose be a part of this effort!! SLISS can’t do what it does without YOU!

Every penny you donate to SLISS is used for the travel costs of visiting medical professionals, for supplies sent monthly, and for equipment donations. Click here to watch a video about SLISS and see how YOU can make a difference in our world!

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