Support beyond healthcare

In Cameroon, SLISS has not limited its support to Mbingo Baptist Hospital, but rather seeks to support other existing organizations in Mbingo that are contributing necessary services to the community.

Located in the Adamawa Region of northern Cameroon, the Agape Foundation houses, clothes, and feeds boys living in poverty, and ultimately teaches them a trade that will enable them to earn an income. If this orphanage did not exist, these boys would be left homeless and starving. The foundation was begun and is directed by Sanda Guiani, who raises money for this foundation by selling his stunning paintings,one of which is pictured below. 

In support of Mr. Guiani and his organization, SLISS has received many paintings from Mr. Guiani and is selling them to further support the Agape Foundation. When a painting is purchased, each painting is accompanied with a photo of the artist with the canvas as well as a letter of authenticity.  All proceeds from the sale of these original paintings go to the SLISS program and the Agape Foundation.

With $300 raised for the Agape Foundation, all of the cement in the construction of their new building was paid for. Thank you for your support of SLISS and the Agape Foundation. If interested in purchasing a painting, p,ease contact us via the contact page.

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