Cameroon – September 2020

This September Dr. Sharpe was able to visit Cameroon and provide 9 suitcases of much needed supplies to Mbingo Baptist Hospital. Due to a mandatory 14-day quarantine following this international trip, the director went on this trip alone. However, the medical staff at MBH were immensely grateful for the provisions he carried from the States. … Continue reading Cameroon – September 2020

Cameroon – October 2019

October 21, 2019 Blessed to be safely back again at M’bingo Baptist Hospital in Cameroon. The scenery was beautiful and the trip here was, for the majority of the time, pleasant. The airline flights are long, but arriving in Douala to be met by the driver Fon, is always a relief. A dinner in the … Continue reading Cameroon – October 2019

First Trip, Cameroon – Fall 2014

youtube October 1, 2014Dr. Kathryn Balinger and I are now at the Philadelphia International airport Awaiting the first of four flights ultimately landing us in CAMEROON, Africa, in about 38 hours. After a night of much needed rest, we then travel by vehicle for 7 hours before arriving at Mbingo Baptist Hospital (MBH) with … Continue reading First Trip, Cameroon – Fall 2014