Support beyond healthcare

In Cameroon, SLISS has not limited its support to Mbingo Baptist Hospital, but rather seeks to support other existing organizations in Mbingo that are contributing necessary services to the community. Located in the Adamawa Region of northern Cameroon, the Agape Foundation houses, clothes, and feeds boys living in poverty, and ultimately teaches them a trade … Continue reading Support beyond healthcare

What’s Laparoscopy?

Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive type of surgery - meaning it involves small incisions to perform the surgery so that the patient has a less invasive surgery and faster recovery. This is a fairly new practice, introduced by surgeons in Europe in 1901 and first used by German Dr. Georg Kelling. The laparoscopic technique … Continue reading What’s Laparoscopy?

Why some medical “help” really doesn’t help abroad

Did you know... Many pieces of medical equipment donated by the U.S. to low- and middle-income countries end up as junk in the recipient hospital’s storage room!!! WHY?! In order for a hospital to benefit from donated medical equipment, THREE major requirements must be fulfilled: 1. The recipient hospital must actually NEED the equipment. This … Continue reading Why some medical “help” really doesn’t help abroad

How SLISS promotes Sustainable Improvements to Medical Care Abroad

You’ve seen those pictures of precious children in need of medical care, living in areas you know little to nothing about. Your heart breaks for those parents losing children, and children becoming orphans due to illnesses and injuries that are easily and promptly treated here in the U.S. You’re not alone. It’s been a huge … Continue reading How SLISS promotes Sustainable Improvements to Medical Care Abroad